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5 Puzzles Questions For Brian Test –

SSC Quiz Questions & Answers for SSC CGL/CHSL/MTS/CPO/Steno Exam

What are puzzles?

Puzzle in simple terms is defined as a problem designed to test ingenuity or knowledge. They have become an integral part of few competitive exams and entrance tests. They are devised with intent to test the knowledge of to-be-solver.

What are different types of puzzles?

There are different types, which are devised with a specific intent to test a person’s ability to interpret and solve the problem. Different type of puzzles are :

  • Math
  • Number
  • Logic
  • Clock
  • Missing letter
  • Word

What exams have puzzles?

Almost every competitive exams have puzzles. They are most commonly found in competitive exams like : CAT, MAT, XAT, Bank P.O.s, AIEEE, GATE, TOEFL, GRE, and GATE etc. In these exams, mostly arithmetic, math, number, and logic puzzles.

How to solve puzzles?

To solve, one needs to interpret the questions properly and understand the sequence in the problem Is designed. By understanding the sequence, it becomes easier to solve a problem. Understanding the sequence of a puzzle requires strong logical ability and a creative thought pattern. The key is to solve as many different puzzles as possible to improve the thought process and gain expertise over different ways of solving a problem.


Q1.Crack the code & Unlock the Key ?

Answer: C) 042


  • From all the hints given, only 042 satisfies and it unlocks the key.

Q2:Find the missing Number?


How ?

7*6 = 4 2
9*9 = 8 1
5*3 = 1 5
6*2 = 1 2

Q3:How many squares do you see?

Answer: B) 45


Number of squares in the given figure is

16 + 9 + 19 + 1 = 45.

Q4: Solve the Logical Puzzle ?

Answer: B) 4

Q5 : Crack the logical puzzle?

Answer: A) 6713


In the given puzzle, the logic followed is

First digits comes from the number of letters in the word

Second digit is its serial number

Third digit is the addition of first and second digits

=> SUNDAY = 6713

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